Major Chris Vasquez - F-16 Air Force Pilot

10/24/2011 23:01

I found Major Vasqeuz's message to GKWFA students very encouraging.  Instead of making his presentation "about me," he held up a mirror for the students and made it "about you."  I couldn't help but think that more of this others-centered focus is what our society needs today to recenter its vision as it moves forward.  


Da Vinci Students visit San Diego TRACon and Lindbergh Control Tower

10/17/2011 02:36

Ever wonder what air traffic controllers do?  Well, they don't stand on the tarmac and direct planes with lighted batons.  Air traffic controllers are responsible for the lives of hundreds of thousands of passengers who fly daily in the United States and the rest of the world.  

Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy students at Da Vinci Science High School now know what a career as an air traffic controller is all about.  After visiting the San Diego TRACon and Lindbergh Tower at San Diego International Airport, students know that a career as an air traffic controller is a high-stress, high-paying, rewarding job available to them in the future, should they choose to pursue it.  

View the pictures from the trip in our photo gallery!  Let us know what you think and share your ideas on this blog.  


Da Vinci Students Fly to Ramona Airport

09/20/2011 20:58

Well, they did fly to Ramona...virtually, that is.  Nevertheless, today's class marked the first time that Da Vinci cadets put the flight skills they've been practicing for the past three weeks to the test by making a cross country flight from John Wayne Airport to Ramona Airport on their computer simulators.  Check out our photogallery for pictures of Da Vinci students plotting their courses and flying them on their simulators the following day.  


Da Vinci Science High School Students Go Flying!

09/17/2011 20:51

On Saturday, seven students from Da Vinci Science High School took to the skies in a small aircraft, thanks to the Young Eagles, a nonprofit flight program that offered free flights to kids ages eight to seventeen.  To find out the next time students will be flying, contact GKWFA so that you can go flying too!


Coffee with Louis McGraw

03/31/2010 15:32

Had a great conversation with Louis McGraw, a veteran mechanic of American Airlines and current business coach, Saturday morning over coffee at Starbucks.  We discussed GKWFA's short term and long term goals.  In the near term, GKWFA will be seeking out official partnerships from major airlines and aviation related industries.  A second short term goal will be the creation and printing of an official brochure for distribution.  We discussed the formation of an aviation club at Animo Inglewood Charter High School, the school that I have taught at for 4 years, that would serve as the immediate foundation for launching an after school simulator program during the fall of '10.  We also discussed having an informational question-and-answer meeting where students will be able to meet veterans of different aviation related fields.  We ended our conversation by exploring the idea of holding an evening field trip for Animo Inglewood's students to visit American Airlines at LAX once school resumes. 


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