Flight Training

            Once they complete the beginner and advanced simulator courses, interested cadets will enter the third, most intensive part of their training:  actual career flight training.  Having completed their private, instrument, and commercial training on PC simulators, they are well ahead of the curve with regard to flight knowledge and procedures, flight skills, and aircraft performance.  The foundational simulated training accelerates their development of basic and advanced flight skills under the supervision of a certified flight instructor (CFI).

It is usually anticipated that only about two to three students per year will desire to take their flight training to this level.  As a non-profit, GKWFA offers direct scholarships to help pay for this extensive training.  Students receiving these scholarships are required to make a financial commitment to the program in the form of monthly dues, and payment of a portion of their expenses in order to demonstrate their commitment to pursuing flight as a career. 

Upon graduation from GKWFA career training, cadets can then take the next step and become CFIs and may apply to colleges bolstered by the confidence that they have a head start toward an aviation career and the ability to support themselves in college by working as skilled flight instructors.  GKWFA is actively creating partnerships with local flight schools to offer this career training to its cadet graduates. 

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