Ground Training

As a foundational part of its program, GKWFA offers a comprehensive private pilot ground school training to its student-cadets.  Aircraft equipment, airframe components, flight dynamics, plotting courses that account for wind direction and speed, calculating descent and climb rates, and learning emergency procedures are some of the many things that allow students to apply the algebra, geometry, and physics that they learn in grades nine through twelve in an exciting setting.  Cadets also learn all applicable FAA regulations and, upon completion of the private pilot ground school, take an actual FAA Private Pilot Written Exam to demonstrate mastery of the material.  Once they log the necessary simulated flight hours and pass a check ride with their instructor, cadets earn themselves a "virtual" private pilots license.  When they have finished the course, students are prepared to move on to the Instrument and Commercial ground school. 

In the Instrument ground school, cadets gain all of the necessary flight knowledge to become proficient instrument pilots.  Navigation by sole reference to instruments, knowledge of IFR flght routes and procedures, entering and maintaining proper holding patterns, interpreting weather minimums for instrument approaches, and communication norms for Air Traffic Control are a few of the crucial things that private pilots must master in order to become instrument rated.  As in the private pilot ground school, cadets must passs an actual FAA Instrument Written Exam to earn their "virtual" instrument rating once they have completed the required simulator training.   

The Commercial ground training follows the same pattern as the private and instrument ground school and provides the opportunity for cadets to take their flight   knowledge to the much deeper level required to become a commercial pilot.  All of the ground training received at GKWFA is designed to match the rigorous training that can be found at any other for profit flight school and acts as a major headstart for a successful career as a professional pilot. 

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