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Hello, my name is Brett Call and I am a Junior at Da Vinci High School of Science.  My fascination with Aviation started when I first set foot on a Boeing 767. I was amazed with how heavy it was and how fast the plane was going while seemingly floating in the air.

When I was in my Sophomore year in High School I was able to take a class where I learned about planes and how to fly on PC simulators. Through this class, I was able to fly a 1971 Cessna 172L with my now, flight instructor Michael Sherrill.  During my first flight I flew from HHR (Hawthorne) airport to SMO (Santa Monica) then to TOA (Torrance), and returned back to HHR.  I was able to take off and land at each airport mostly by myself.  On my last landing back at HHR, I was told I did a glass landing.  I knew right then that this was exactly what I wanted to do in my life.

I have been going through flight training at Beach Cities Aviation at Hawthorne Airport ever since I was the first recipient of GKWFA’s Private Pilot flight training scholarship.  I now have 17 hours logged and I am approaching my first solo flight.

Both my Mother and Father fully support my dream of becoming a pilot and pay for as many lessons as they can but this endeavor is rather costly.  I need to fly every week to gain the practical knowledge and the 40 flight hours needed for my private pilot’s license.  Many do not have the opportunities that I have been given to work towards my dreams at such a young age and this is where your support is very much needed.

Any donations given to Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy in my name is fully tax deductible and would help me pursue my flying career and my dream of one day becoming a commercial pilot.

Thank you in advance for your support and be assured that I too will give back to those who need help in the future.

If you would like to help Brett further his training, you may choose a package donation below or click the "donate" button to the right and designate a specific amount.  Be sure to name him as the recipient of your donation in a letter (address at right) or in an email:

$100 - Orville Wright

Help Brett acquire the necessary supplies to successfully complete his ground training including a pilot’s kneeboard, navigational charts, flight computer, and other basic materials.  

$200 - Wilbur Wright

Covers the cost of ground training materials and can be used to pay for a full flight lesson with his instructor.

$500 - Charles Lindbergh

Supply Brett with all of the ground school materials contained at the Orville and Wilbur Wright Levels and will sponsor his instruction for an entire semester in the Aviation 101:  Private Pilot course.  It can also be used to further his flight training towards his Private License.  

$1,000 - Amelia Earhart

Take care of the basic ground school supplies for Brett and sponsor him for an entire year in the Aviation 101:  Private Pilot course.  It can also be used to further his flight training towards his Private License.

$5,000 - Fred Pitcher

Sponsors Brett for two full years while he completes the Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot courses and helps pay for the remainder of his Private Pilot training.  

$10,000 - Bessie Coleman

Covers all of the basics and sponsors Brett as he works toward completing his Private Pilot license, Instrument Rating, and other advanced ratings in preparation for a career as a professional pilot.

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