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GKWFA Seeks Writer, Videographer, and Grant Writer

We are currently looking for individuals who can assist us with writing news articles and blogging about our programmatic activities.  

Additionally, we are looking for individuals with film experience who would be interested in developing video-biographies of our flight students and in filming their first flight experience in a small aircraft.  

Finally, individuals with grant writing experience would be a welcome addition to our nonprofit team.  Contact us today for more information.  


Volunteers are needed in all areas of the non-profit

Are you an aviation industry professional?  Many students want to become pilots, mechanics, aircraft designers, and aviation managers.  Still others need tutoring in Algebra, Geometry, and Physics.  Anyone with aviation expertise will be a valuable asset to GKWFA.  Become an assistent ground instructor and a tutor for GKWFA cadets today!

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