GKWFA - Mission Statement


Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy (GKWFA) is a focused program to help improve the lives of at-risk children in Southern California.  The foundation provides a program for high school students, focusing on the aviation sciences in communities where families are underserved.  GKWFA offers aviation courses as high school elective classes and professional career flight training.  It also partners with established aviation organizations, schools, and other NGOs throughout Southern California.  The Foundation works especially with retired military officers, the Young Eagles, the Civil Air Patrol, and local school districts.     

The programs of GKWFA are designed to increase the long-term sustainability of the aviation sciences in the community. Studies have shown that quality of life improvements from the use of technologies (in any form) are important in communities where students are at-risk of dropping out of high school.  A program that supports the sustainability of local infrastructure, such as training and educating pilots for the Los Angeles area, decreases crime rates in the population, provides a boost to the economic viability of the area, and enhances already existing programs of other non-profits and government programs.  With relatively small investments, students learn to become leaders and forces of change in their communities. 

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