Air Force Major Chris Vasquez Visits GKWFA Students at Da Vinci

10/24/2011 22:32

On Monday, October 24th, Air Force Major Chris Vasquez payed a visit to GKWFA students at Da Vinci high school.  After making a 30 minute presentation, he entertained a stream of student questions that lasted for over a half hour. 

Maj. Vasquez has over 12 years experience flying for the Air Force, including F-16 fighter jets and has seen combat action in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  During his visit he exhorted the students to pick their "teams" in life wisely, because success in life depends upon the close support of our team members.  He attributes his successes in the Air Force to a close knit group of about eight fellow pilots who supported each other through the rigors of training and the dangers of war.  His message was entitled, "My Past, Your Present, and Our Future."  Chris encouraged the students to focus not on what he had done, but to learn from his experiences so that they can act in the present to build their futures.  His patriotism was evident and contagious as he told the students, "It is true that our country has problems and challenges, but I believe it is a great country, and I want you to help make it even greater as you choose your future path in life."  

Maj. Vasquez is still active in the Air Force Reserve and resides in Los Angeles California.  He is pursuing opportunities to film and produce a movie highlighting Air Force aviation from an entirely unique set of perspectives, telling the tale of both the F-16 pilots who flew in Iraq and the civilian population they protected.  It's an exciting story that would certainly push aviation and cinema to its limits.  


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