Da Vinci Students Visit San Diego TRACon and Lindbergh Control Tower

10/17/2011 02:23

On Saturday, October 15, GKWFA students at Da Vinci Science High School visited the San Diego TRACon and control tower at San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field).  The students receieved a hands-on tour of the facilities and saw air traffic controllers in action.  

The trip began with a visit to the worlds busiest Terminal Arrivel Approach Control (TRACon) facility in San Diego, where students received a briefing from air traffic controllers and toured the TRACon simulator training facility.  

Afterwards, students traveled to San Diego International Airport, where they were briefed on the role of tower air traffic controllers and later saw them in action with their own eyes when they toured the tower facility.  

Many students regarded this as a life-changing experience and are now considering a career in air traffic control (ATC).  GKWFA wishes to convey its gratitude to those who made this trip a reality for the GKWFA students at Da Vinci Science High School.  


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