Coffee with Louis McGraw

03/31/2010 15:32

Had a great conversation with Louis McGraw, a veteran mechanic of American Airlines and current business coach, Saturday morning over coffee at Starbucks.  We discussed GKWFA's short term and long term goals.  In the near term, GKWFA will be seeking out official partnerships from major airlines and aviation related industries.  A second short term goal will be the creation and printing of an official brochure for distribution.  We discussed the formation of an aviation club at Animo Inglewood Charter High School, the school that I have taught at for 4 years, that would serve as the immediate foundation for launching an after school simulator program during the fall of '10.  We also discussed having an informational question-and-answer meeting where students will be able to meet veterans of different aviation related fields.  We ended our conversation by exploring the idea of holding an evening field trip for Animo Inglewood's students to visit American Airlines at LAX once school resumes. 


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