GKWFA attends Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association conference in Palm Springs, CA

10/13/2012 13:53

Thanks to the generous contribution from David Clark, GKWFA received three passes to attend the 2012 conference held by Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) in Palm Springs, CA. And thanks to our new Director of Program Development, Tereza Orgeta Curry, GKWFA also received two additional guest passes to the conference. Among the attendees are Secretary, Major Chris M. Rubacha, Chief Technology Officer, Claire Y. Chen, Founder and CEO, Dan Mikkelsen, Director of Program Development, Tereza Ortega Curry, and two students from Da Vinci School, Brett Call and Viviana Lopez.

Chris and Claire visited David Clark's booth in the exhibition and expressed their appreciation to Dennis personally, who donated two sets of headsets to GKWFA. These headsets had benefited many students of GKWFA.

As Dan and the two high school students flew from Hawthorne airport to Palm Springs airport, they experienced some weather challenges (see photos).

In the exhibition, Viviana found an aircraft that fits her perfectly (see video). They learned about "Think Global flight" who inspires students to be involved (see video). They also enjoyed themselves in Palm Springs (see photos) and were interviewed by "Why I Fly" (see video and video).

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