GKWFA gives first flight to High School student

02/17/2012 11:00

P R E S S   R E L E A S E


GIVING KIDS WINGS FLIGHT ACADEMY (GKWFA). Torrance, CA. Friday, Feb 17, 2012


GKWFA was very pleased to offer its first ever one-hour incentive flight to Da Vinci Science High School student, Andres Zuniga.

Andres was accompanied by South Bay Aviation flight instructor, Keith Nichols, as they departed Torrance’s Zamperini Field on a bright and clear morning in a Cessna 172SP for the hour-long flight lesson amid the beautiful aerial views of the Southland. Da Vinci teacher and GKWFA founder and CEO, Dan Mikkelsen, arranged the flight for a deserving Da Vinci Aviation 101 student who best exemplified the letter and spirit of the class goals.

Andres’ proud parents, Thomas and Liz, looked on as their son preflighted the aircraft before his first private aviation venture.

Andres' father, Thomas, was interviewed by GKWFA Secretary, retired Air Force Major Chris Rubacha, in Spanish after Chris learned he was originally from Honduras. Both agreed that proficiency in English, the world-wide language of aviation, played a crucial part in young Andres' academic prowess, as well as his hard work in math and the sciences. Well done, Andres!


Chris Rubacha


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