GKWFA Cadet Attends Young Eagles Flight Training

07/08/2010 13:16

Vanessa Galvan, recent graduate of Animo-Inglewood Charter High School and GKWFA flight cadet, leaves today for Texas to begin a three-week student pilot training with The Young Eagles. While in Texas, Vanessa will begin her ground school training and will begin to master flight basics under the guidance of program flight instructors that are members of the nation-wide non-profit flight organization.  Galvan, who has already logged a dozen flight hours of instruction, is expected to obtain her student license and to solo a Cessna 172 while completing the program. 

Upon completion of her student pilot training, Galvan plans on attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to pursue flight as a career.  She hopes to eventually share her love of flight with her younger peers. "With all the support GKWFA has given me, I now plan to become a commercial airline pilot and give something back to GKWFA, which will be to instruct a class of many eager kids interested in aviation" Galvan said. 


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