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Free Flight Getaways!


To earn a free trip, be a donor, fundraiser, or both.

  • Donate the full amount
  • Donate a partial amount and refer others who donate the remainder
  • Fund-raise the donation amount


Trip Inclusions

  • Free flight instruction during the flight
  • Two additional plane seats available for guests
  • Transportation to and from the airport. 
  • One night optional lodging. 
  • Ski trips include 1 lift ticket and 1 ski/snowboard rental
  • Lake Tahoe trip includes up 2 nights of lodging, 2 lift tickets, and 2 day equipment rental. 


  • Local Sight-Seeing Flight - $750
  • Catalina Island - 3 World-Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies - $750
  • Big Bear Skiing Trip  - $1,200
  • Santa Barbara Visit - $1,250
  • Temecula Wine Country Trip - Free Wine Tasting - $1,250
  • Mammoth Ski Trip - $3,750
  • Lake Tahoe Ski Trip - $5,000

*Comparable trips for non-local donors will be created



10, 10, and 10 Sponsor Reward

Share the news about GKWFA's sponsorship drive with family and friends.  Forward this newsletter to others, Friend us on Facebook, and Re-Post on our behalf.  Help us reach 500 subscribers and Facebook Friends by the New Year.

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  • Get a 10$ Gift Card to the place of your choosing!

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